In the kitchen industry, and engineered stone countertop is usually known as quartz, however, the name itself provides you a greater idea about what it is. Not like natural stone countertops, which are cut from pure sandstone, marble, or granite, engineered stone counters are made out of quartz crystals held into one using a resin binder. This material somehow looks similar to natural stones, however, they can provide benefits that can’t be found with natural materials. Here are some of the most significant perks of choosing engineered stone countertops: 

You get plenty of options to choose from 

 Sandstone kitchen counters are available in widely extensive types of styles and colors you can select from. Hence, you will definitely see a lot of them that will match well with your plans for your new and improved kitchen.  

Surfaces will not stain 

Natural stone is prone to staining from juice, wine, oil, and other substances especially if the sealant wears off or if it’s not sealed properly. Engineered countertops are more advantageous when it comes to these things over other materials.  They will look great longer than their sandstone, marble, or granite counterparts.  

Easy to clean 

Natural stone countertops are porous, which makes it disadvantageous since it means that bacteria can reach into pores and fissures where it could be difficult to remove. The quartz surface countertops will not absorb liquids, which makes it easier to clean and more effective to use. Engineered stone can guarantee you that it’s the best thing to have especially if you usually work with meat, fish, or raw vegetables in your kitchen.   

Can greatly combat wear 

Engineered stone countertops Red Deer final material is extremely durable, which is almost close to the granite. Because of this, it will not easily crack as compared to slate or granite. Moreover, it’s extremely heat-resistant. Hence, a hot pan will not leave a burnt spot. This material’s surface is also resistant to cuts and scratches, though we still highly recommend that you utilize a cutting board above them. 

Very attractive 

The engineered stone material, known as quartz, is compacted into slabs with the same texture and color to natural slate and granite. One difference you’ll see is that the color is more uniform compared to the difference in the hue that you can usually see in the majority of natural stone slabs  

Those people who love the natural stone’s character may see this as a disadvantage. However, the benefit is that the engineered stone utilized all over your kitchen will perfectly match.  

The available colors for kitchen engineered stone countertops include earth tones across the whole spectrum, grays, rose, and many more to mention. The majority of the color derives from the quartz natural color, though colorants can be incorporated to attain the desired tone.  

If you are fond of the natural stone’s look but want counters that won’t need a similar level of maintenance, the engineered countertop is the best substitute for that.